The Playing History game series revolves around experiencing engaging and personal stories set in exhilarating points in world history. The series havs been both nominated and won a BETT award for the category of ‘best learning game’ in Europe.

Why play Playing History?
To gain the opportunity to take part in history, within in a living breathing world. You will be able to learn about historic events that they cannot alter – instead, they witness how the historic events al¬tered humanity as a whole. The learning process is autonomously conveyed throughout the story of the game as it progresses.


The Plague Embark on an exciting mission in 14th century Florence – an amazing city stricken by a mysterious disease, full of bizarre characters and amazing places. Your mother has fallen ill and the destiny of your family lies in your hands. History is open and for you to explore! The Slave Trade Travel back to the 18th century and experience the horrors of the transatlantic slave trade. In this episode you will work as a young slave steward on a ship across the Atlantic Ocean. You must serve your captain and inform him about all suspicious behavior. But what do you do when you discover that your sister has be caught? Vikings: Experience the Viking world. Make Erik on his journey from the cradle, youth and eventual burial. It is times of change like the old beliefs are challenged by a new God and new trade routes means contact with people from foreign countries.